Hailing from the City Of Angels, the sultry bilingual singer/songwriter, Melody Florez, came out of her mother’s womb humming a tune with a story to tell. 

  Already an old soul at the age of seven, Melody began writing songs and poetry about love and heartbreak; concepts much more advanced than her own life experiences. Exposed to a wide discography ranging anywhere from Fleetwood Mac to Carlos Vives undoubtedly fueled her vivid imagination. 


  Entranced and fascinated with music and its endless possibilities, Melody continued to express herself through song. She realized music was her heart’s pursuit.  It was a personal soul-searching journey Down Under, where she truly found her calling. Other than her ridiculously oversized backpack, music was the only thing she carried with her.

  Inspired by her adventures, her loved ones, and her Latin and American roots, Melody's music is a celebration of life. With a name foretelling her destiny, The Melody is ready to be heard.

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